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If you have fallen behind on your debt and are receiving constant calls from debt collectors, you may have begun to consider your options, such as filing for bankruptcy. While bankruptcy may provide an immediate benefit, it may not be the best option for many people facing financial difficulty. However, bankruptcy is not the only option to resolve your debt and get your finances back on the right track.

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Our attorneys have years of experience negotiating with creditors to reach an affordable resolution to any outstanding debt. By working directly with your creditors, we are able to provide an alternative option for those who prefer not filing or are otherwise unable to file a bankruptcy.  

Opposed to debt consolidation, which often includes additional fees and potentially less protection, our attorneys will work directly with your individual creditors to settle outstanding balances on terms you are able to afford. In addition, once an attorney is retained, the endless collection calls are required to stop and all further correspondence will go through the attorney.

Settlement terms are often completed in either a lump sum or a monthly payout. Certain settlements may also include deletion of the negative reporting on your credit report, which may help provide an immediate increase in your credit score.

Our attorneys also have experience defending clients involved in lawsuits brought by their debt collectors. If you have been sued, we can review the lawsuit to determine whether there has been any violations of the Fair Debt Collection Act for any potential counterclaim you may have against your creditors.  

Stop receiving the constant creditor calls today. Let the attorneys at Gordon Lusky, LLP work with your creditors and take the stress off your shoulders.

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Updated on 6/16/2016