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Outside general counsel services

Our outside General Counsel service practice was developed as a response to listening clients’ needs and perceiving an emerging trend in the legal service market.  Many developmental stage and mid-sized companies recognize that they could use a dedicated attorney on their squad, but simply do not have the workload to justify the cost of bringing an experienced GC on full-time.   Historically, companies in this position were left farming out all of their legal work to law firms that bill by the hour and taking a “wing it” approach to legal issues as they arose.

We believe there is a better model.  As part of our service, we provide clients with a dedicated, part-time General Counsel with prior in-house experience on a monthly, flat fee-basis.  This can save a company money on their legal spend while at the same time providing a centralized resource for your stakeholders to rely on to guide legal strategy, negotiate contracts and manage disputes.

Some specific legal services included in this service are as follows:

  • Unlimited legal counsel on daily operational and HR matters.

  • Advising on and creating internal policies, employee onboarding documents and related employment agreements.

  • Corporate governance, minutes and record clean-up services.

  • Serving as the organization’s registered agent.

  • Commercial contract drafting and negotiation, including for:

    • MSAs and Customer Contracts;

    • Procurement and Vendor Agreements;

    • IT/Software Licenses and Data Privacy Agreements;

    • Independent Contractor, Consulting and Employment Agreements;

    • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements;

    • Lines of Credit and Financing Documents;

    • Storage, Transportation and Logistics Agreements;

    • Equipment Purchasing and Equipment Leasing Agreements;

    • M&A Purchase and Sale Agreements;

    • Real Purchase and Sale Agreements and Leases.

  • Risk assessment analysis of existing contracts.

  • Pre-litigation dispute resolution.

  • Vetting, coordinating and managing outside counsel.

Recent Representative Matters:

  • Ongoing outside General Counsel services to US & Canada Directional Drilling and MWD service company.

  • Ongoing outside General Counsel services to publicly traded US & Canada Pressure Pumping service company.

  • Ongoing outside General Counsel services to developmental stage US completion tool company.